House Clearing & Blessing

House Clearing and Blessing

A home is a sacred space. It is the foundation and the place of nurturing for us and our family. I perform a clearing and a blessing to release any energy that is not there for your highest good and to lay a foundation of the energy that you would like to manifest such as peace, harmony, joy, abundance, good health, balance, clarity, etc.

Suggestions on when to do a clearing and blessing ceremony

  • After moving into a new home
  • To rejuvenate yourself or space
  • Special events or weddings
  • Before selling your home

What a house clearing and blessing can do for you

  • Enhances positive energy throughout the space
  • Helps revitalize your relationship with yourself and loved ones
  • Adjusts and balances personal energy
  • Brings a sense of clarity and focus to your life

How much does a house clearing and blessing cost?

This will depend on the size of the home and the distance I would have to travel. Base price is $100.

Please use my contact page to schedule.